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Show your support for SARAH's Road Safety promotions and campaigns by buying a Sticker! (Australia wide standard postage included)

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While this sticker was originally created in memory of Sarah Frazer, it became the sentiment behind what we hope all Australians want to publicly show... "We commit to drive safe because we love Safer Australian Roads and Highways!"

Let's show that as every life matters, your commitment is to get every person home safe to their loved ones...  Every Day ... No Exceptions!

Please show your support for the work of Safer Australian Roads and Highways by purchasing and displaying a "We Love SARAH" Yellow Ribbons Sticker.

(NB.  price includes postage, handling and delivery by Australia Post - Standard Post.)


Publicly show that you not only "Drive So Others Survive!" but that you are a Road Safety Advocate by displaying a transparent sticker on your rear windscreen to show your support for SARAH's initiatives.


Dimensions 200mm x 50 mm approx. (The Price includes postage and handling - delivery by Australia Post - standard mail)




can be shipped within 14 days

Purchase Yellow Ribbon "Drive So Others Survive!" Car/Bike Stickers (Small Size - 135 x 70 mm high). The sticker uses the same reflective material as used on 3M's road signs.

So publicly show that you are a Road Safety Advocate and that you "Drive So Others Survive!".

Price includes Postage and Handling Australia wide - Delivery by Australia Post - Standard Post included.




Yellow Ribbons Stickers for fleet vehicles - Please note this is 18% off normal RRP and is specifically discounted to make it easy to show your road safety leadership! Minimum order is 100.

The stickers are produced by 3M and use the same reflective material as found on road signs. The stickers are specifically not marked with any logo to ensure that they are suitable for display on any vehicle fleets.

They are your public commitment to road safety and help show your community that you are committed to "Drive So Others Survive!"  


(Please note that this discounted price includes postage and Handling Australia wide - Delivery by Australia Post - Express Post is included.)